Travelscoot UK purchase?

Hi all Currently cruising round on a ‘boot scoot’ but I don’t have a carer and it’s hard work getting it in and out the car on my own. Someone I know has a Travelscoot and it looks amazing and folds up so small. I want one! Any idea where I can purchase one in the UK? Only place I found is about £2.5k but the woman I know got hers for about a grand less. I don’t have any contact details for her so can’t ask. Any help would be great. Thanks!

i’d google Travelscoot for £1000 and see what comes up.

Check out the Quest power wheelchair. I know it looks big, but the reviews say it’s easy to manage.

I like the price!

Is it small and light enough for me to easily fold in and out my tiny Aygo? I’m looking for less than 6kg and folding to the size of a golf bag


Travelscoot can only be bought in Germany from travelscoot dot com Don’t worry they are a legit company. If you want to know more go to my website aid4disabled dot com and enter Travelscoot into the search box in the top right hand corner.

I have nothing what so ever to do with the company, owned one since 2010, now own new model one with better brakes and reverse gear since 2014. Revolutionary design, unique but you must be able to lift one leg about 18" high.

2nd hand ones are like hens teeth and often as expensive as new but no guarantee


When folded a Travelscoot is about 1m long so should fit in the boot but it does weigh 17 Kg and its the lightest mobility scooter on the market