Scoot mobility scooter

Does any one have one? I’m thinking of buying one but they are quite expensive so I want to make doubly sure my money will not be wasted - please help Chrissie

Do you mean the travelscoot? If so I had one about 5 years ago, or the exact same thing (don’t remember it being called travelscoot then!) it was extremely uncomfortable, unstable, has no reverse (OK if you have any sterngth in your legs to push back etc.) it does not have much range either. All in all a total waste of time for me, I did however sell it on ebay for more than I paid two weeks before, to a lady who wanted a temporary aid (injured one leg) and she happened to be starting a camping holiday in the area and picked it up and paid within 2 hours! I have been looking at the luggie instead,for travel, although w/c services say I can have a power chair fo indoors, prior to an outdoor one. Sorry to be so negative about it but really unless you don’t have too much trouble with legs or balance and it is fatigue that is a problem I’d say a big no to it.

Alison x

Aye oop Girl,long time no speak. I know nowt about the buggy you are on about,but what I will say to teach you more egg sucking is to find a local reliable mobility emporium for a test whizz,check out their servicing set up, blah blah blah. T’internet may be cheaper, but is a bloke coming over from China if there is a problem. Finally,if it has those HIDEOUS solid plastic wheels on it and you get a test drive,try it on as many surfaces as possible for as far as possible. The piece of ---- I bought made me cry until I put pneumatic tyres on the back.

Hope everybody is well, Steve xx

I have just bit the bullet and ordered a Luggie … I would imagine it depends what your intended use is. The expense of the Luggy put me off, and the fact it did not lock, but it suits my purpose of being able to manage one handed (if my weak side gives out), it will fit in to even a smart car boot, and you can take it on holiday! Freedom here I come. Much cheaper models can be purchased, but in the case of the Luggy I think you are paying for the engineering. They will bring it to your house to demonstrate, more importantly the Salesman I had was not pushy, in fact so "not " he visited in June, rang a week later to ask if I had made any decisions, I was still undecided … I rang him last week to place the order! Last week I had a friend deliver my late brothers Drive Geo Powerchair, it is fantastic if you were using about the house or shopping trips, but is too heavy for me to handle (I live alone), and I can get about the house, it helped me decide, and the bonus is I can sell this to help fund the Luggie. Good Luck on what ever you decide, to suit your individual needs :slight_smile:

Thank you for your replies, I will have another think and let you know what I decide. Chris x