Travel agents for the less mobile

Trawling the net, I came across these people - - who arrange holidays for people with mobility issues. I have no knowledge of them, but I did wonder whether they might be able to offer advice for people who still have enough money to be able to have a break. I believe one of the owners is a wheelchair user. As I say, I cant recommend them, but might be worth a look.

Hi Bonnie, thanks for the suggestion. I have often wondered if there is a business opportunity for anyone that way inclined re doing a sort of Lonely Planet Guide type of thing into holidays, resorts, hotels etc for those people not 100% mobile. I can still walk a bit, but no good on stairs, slopes etc and it would be really helpful to know in advance about suitable places to go, what one can do when one gets there etc. With an increasing older population plus all of us younger people who aren’t as fit as they would like to be, I’d hsave thought it would be a useful guide. T

Sorry, I accidentally hit the wrong button and posted the above before I had finished. Was going to say the big holiday companies don’t seem interested in this sizeable gap in the market that they are ignoring. What does anyone else think? Gill

Hmm. I orignally posted the info. I emailed a question to them at that time - and I’m still waiting for a response! As you say, I too have thought there was a big gap in the market. Perhaps we should go into business!

l can’t say l have noticed many -or any - holiday programmes on TV like we used to have. Whenever l watched them l used to think to myself - as soon as l saw lots of steps/slopes to get down to the beach or around the hotel/villa grounds - ‘‘l can’t go there’’. Lovely little ltalian towns - all very pretty - but steep lanes and steps. lt makes you wonder how the ‘locals’ who are unabled get on. They are probably the ‘old dears’ sat in their doorways crocheting/knitting. And all the time l am thinking ‘‘how far is it to the nearest loo’’.

So if someone can find holidays that meet all our criteria they would be on to a winner!!

Hi, there is an article ‘Travelling and holidays’ in latest edition of Open Door, the MS Trust magazine (which I think you can read online… not sure… anyway you can send them your details to recieve it).

Here are some online addresses they give for accessable holidays:

OpenBritian - National Accessible Scheme -

Disabledgo - info on accessible accomodation and venues -

Ceiling Hoist Users Club - accommodation with ceiling hoists -

Rough Guide to Accessible Britain -

Holidays Guide 2012 - places to stay thoughout the British Isles - can be bought from

Direct Enquiries Nationwide Access Register - hotels, restarurants etc -

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Hi, I`ve been surfing for holidays for disabled.

ENABLE sound to cover just about every eventuality. I got their brochure, but no prices, as each holiday is treated individually depending on your needs.

Give `em a google.

luv Pollx


With your recent experience of ‘hanging by a fred’ - is there now a ’ Guide to Rough Ceiling Hoists’!!!

I’ve heard they are very expensive… but would be worth checking out. Theirs are mainly abroad but they do have listed a hotel in Jersey that looks lovely. Right on beach.

Did you see above (I pm’d you as well). CHUC Ceiling Hoist User Club… they have list of accommodation with ceiling hoists.

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Hello everyone,

Try enable holidays, Email telephone 0871 222 4940.

Personally I know nothing about them but heard a good report through a networking group. The brochure looks like a package style holiday but does seem to cater for all sorts of disability types.