transient incontinence

So I’m just having a sort of minor freak out. For the past two months my symptoms have been almost non existant and this might actually be the longest I’ve been without a relapse since diagnosis, yay for me, (I have R+R MS). However, I’ve just come down with this horrible cold and it’s causing me a bit of (what WebMD tells me is-) either “Transient incontinence” or “incontinence caused by stress” but knowing that incontinence is a common symptom with MS and I have had it mildly before (but this is getting a bit ridiculous now)…

I was just wondering if anyone had any advice, or whether you think it’s worth me going to the doctors, and finally, if you think it’s completely acceptable for me to just email my personal tutor asking her to explain to my lecturers that I’m ill, and run home tomorrow and cry at my mum, because I’m only 19 and this is awful.



I would speak to your MS nurse or GP and hopefully they can help. I go to a bladder clinic regularly, I need to make another appointment. Sorry can’t be much more help

Thans for your help, I still need to sort myself out a nurse so that is on the to-do list for tomorrow!

hi han

a continence nurse can be your best friend.

i have kentera patches for my over active bladder (didnt want more pills)

don’t get upset. people have incontinence for all sorts of reasons.

a rather glamourous friend has it because she had a prolapse years ago.

some people have it because they drink too much beer.

my continence nurse told me to avoid caffeine and fizzy pop. i hate fizzy pop but love coffee.

also any stimulant will make it worse.

it ain’t the end of the world even if its embarassing.

carole x

Hi, is this happening when you sneeze or cough? That is called stress incontinence and happens to a lot of folk who havent got MS.

But even so, it could be worth talking to a continence nurse, to see if she can help.

Dont be embarrassed here, as we all know how it feels. (most of us, that is!)

luv Pollx