Top of head pain

Hi Does anyone else get bad pains in the top of their head. It’s not a headache but as if someone has whacked me over the head with something heavy. The intense pain doesn’t last long (only a minute or so) but leaves an ache in the top of my head. It only happens a couple of times a week but is very painful.

Hi, yes, I have had something similar. Ice pick headaches - just like someone has whacked you on the head. Mine werent just at the top of my head but also the back & sides. When I first had them it developed into a full blown relapse giving me spasms down my right side & also affecting my speach. I still get them every now and again and I now associate them to stressful times but at the time thought it was when my body was attacking the myelin coating. Made sense to me. If they get too regular you can get meds for them but not sure what I had at the time possibly gabapentine or carbmapazapine. Try to stay stress free. X

Hi, my pains ha e started up again :frowning: how are you? Did you visit your gp or contact your MS nurse? Hope you’re feeling better.

Hi, still get the headaches a few times a week. Just been put down as ‘something MS does’. Getting ear infections too which doesn’t help. Hopefully my starting tysabri treatment next week will help. Hope your headaches don’t hang around too long x

Hi, I used ti get neuralgia at the top of my head. Really annoying. I read that Magnesium was good for it, so started taking and it worked. I use to take 500 mg of Magnesium citrate but now just take 100, as that’s all they had. Seems to still work.