Tony Nicklinson (not ms)

My heart goes out to him. All he wants is the dignity to choose when he dies. We’d all like that. Isn’t it the decent thing to do to give it to him?

Which is better - to end your life calmly, sat in the garden in the sunset, or to give your family the shock of their lives when they come home to find the state you’ve ended up in when you’ve struggled to do it yourself (and, possibly worse, failed in your attempt).

Decisions like this could drive people to take their lives earlier than they other wise might as they will have to be physically capable fo doing it themselves.

Allied to this is the whole issue of palliative care in this country. My mother was rescued from a slew of medics trying everything to keep her alive through end-stage cancer by a wonderful hospice. The hospice staff gave her back her dignity in her last 10 days and treated her like a person. This should be the standard across the country. Sadly it is not.

Surely it is not rocket science to give Tony what he wants; a dignified death; while upholding the rights of others who do not want to die but could be talked into it?

Going on from anon’s message the only way to guarantee death (apart from hanging; even this way a person can be saved) is a plastic bag over the head.

Scenario; would you sooner come home one night and find your loved one bright blue, bulging eyes; tongue hanging out and with a bag over their head? Or would you sooner both sit down; hold hands; talk about the good times; say a prayer if that’s your want while their life slipped away; DIGNITY.

Poor Tony has not got even this option.

Sure you cannot ask a doctor whose Hippocratic Oath is to save life; but as I said in my first sentence it surely is not rocket science to find a way around this.



R.I.P. Tony. Be at peace at last.

I am saddened to read of Tony`s death. But he is now at peace after a horrendously long and distressing illness. Bless him and his family.

RIP Tony.

luv Pollx