Told no for wheelchair from m.s nurse

Hi , i had a relapse in December which left my legs very weak and had problems walking , i got crutches to use but i get very tired . I phoned my m.s nurse and asked if i could get an electric wheelchair for the house just to help me store a little more energy and i was told NO i would not get one because i can walk and would only get one if i could not walk at all . Anybody else had problems like this ? Thanks

i think its a postcode lottery like everything else is. i asked for one and got one, said i only needed it for when i was going ot and about and walking became a problem.

Hi there. sounds about right. my friends were going to buy me and electric wheelchair, but I as told i’m not allowed to have one cos my vision isn’t good enough. I live on my own, so have no one to push me in a manual one, and my arms are much too weak to self propell. So i am just left, stuck indoors. It’s awful. Wish there was a way i could get out more. Love Bex xxx

Your relapse is very recent so there’s a good chance that things will improve. Are you seeing a neurophysio? It should help. I can’t see Wheelchair Services giving you an electric chair, but they might give you a manual chair. You don’t need your MS nurse to refer you - my neurophysio referred me. Your GP can do it too I think. However, coming to rely on a chair probably won’t help your recovery. So please get advice from a neurophysio about what’s best to do. Karen x

Hi, just to confirm that GP can refer for wheelchair… but I think power chairs are only given to people who cannot walk at all.

Wheelchair services (or as my local one is now called “Mobility and Seating Solutions Services”!!!) assess you and provide wheelchair if they think it necessary.

Pat x