rr m.s

7 weeks ago my relapse started , i can not manage to walk without the aid of my husband and my crutches, i have been completly housebound , exhausted after a few steps, so i thought a wheelchair could help as my husband has a bad back its difficult on him also . I phoned my m.s nurse and she told me i would not get one as i can walk a little ,i wanted a chair so i could reserve some energy and not feel so useless, has anybody else experienced problems like this ?

Try other avenues for a wheelchair - GP, OT, Physio etc.

There are also agencies that hire equipment on a temporary basis for a fee, such as the Red Cross.

Look in your local newspaper also.

Hope the relapse is over soon.

Hi Fiona,

have you not been offered steroids for this relapse? Or is it something that hasn’t worked for you before? I know it’s not for everyone.

I’m currently in the middle of my second course of IV steriods (first course was last April). In neither case was I in as bad a state as you appear to be but my MS nurse suggested they might help.

Well last year I could only get up and down the stairs on my bum and was struggling to walk but shortly after the second of three doses my symptoms started to improve (I really felt it was a wonder drug at the time!). As I said I’m in the middle of another course - last dose today - not feeling the miraculous recovery I did the last time but I am definitely better than I was and the effects carry on working for weeks apparently.

It isn’t for everyone but might be worth a try?