Toilet breaks when driving

Hi everyone, I’m new here, so not sure how it works; My sister’s life is very limited because she is nervous to drive anywhere incase there aren’t regular toilet stops along the way. Is there such a thing as a ‘Toilet Route Map’? Many thanks

hi, I guess it depends where you are. if it was a regular route, then you could do a plan of loos.

if your sis needs a hoist, then the fairly new, brilliant, Changing Places loos, do show them on their website.


Never used the information on this site, but might be a start.

looks good Whammel. could be useful to lots on here.thanks.


there is an app for your phone called flush that might help too

There is another app for tablets called Wheelmate. I did get a copy of the official (ie Govt sponsored) UK Atlas - The PIE Guide - and found it was so out of date it was a joke. It is still for sale as the 2008 edition! Geoff

It’s so important to know where the nearest toilet is.

I always take my radar key with me and plan routes and stops accordingly. Travelling by train takes away some of the anxiety but using the loo on a moving train can be a challenge.


petrol stations often have a subway franchise and are obliged to have toilets.

as i’m not a wheelie yet, i don’t know if they’d be appropriate.

worth a try though.

carole x

ps i bought a she-wee but the funnel part didn’t fit the other bit!

Hi Tena make a whole range of incontinence pads, which are good to have as a safety net. The MS Society can provide a card you can keep in your wallet, that explains you have MS & need to urgently use the toilet, so could be used in place like restaurants even if you’re not a customer. Dan

Thank you everybody. All very helpful. X