Bladder weakness

Hi everyone.

i find making this post very embarrassing but I need a bit of advice from people who understand.

my problem is that I have a long journey to make by car next week .

my husband doesn’t understand why I am getting so stressed about it but my issue is my bladder weakness which means I have urgency I am scared I have a accident in the car which my husband would never forgive me for.

i just wondered if anyone could suggest anything I could wear that would protect me if that happened.

i have never had to think about these things until now.

sorry for the rant.


Hi Annie,

Padded underpants from Boots; the whole kit-and-caboodle; not just pads. Just depends how long journey and how incontinent you are.

Of course, you could ISC; but hubby would know, but he must know sometime.


hi annie

tena lady maxi night are great.

perhaps it’s time to see the bowel and bladder clinic.

they are really helpful.

carole x

Yes, as above. My neurologist once told me , ,"see a toilet, use a toilet! ". It works. Even if I don’t think I need to go I invariably do.

I also use the pull ups pants if I’m going somewhere new and not familiar with where toilets are and how accessible they are. Also when I’m going on holiday and on a four hour flight.