Needing to pee all the time !!

Never had the best bladder (think it the size of a pea!!) anyway lately it has gotten really bad, i always nee to pee, if i drink anything within 10/15 mins i always then need to rush to the loo (fine if i indoors not so great if i out)
going on holiday soon (to florida) hired a scooter and aware that i should drink lots to cope with the heat butt hen i worried about needing to run to the toilet every five min.

Anyone got any tips that might help

Go to the Dr and they will probably prescribe you vesicare (solifenacin) Stops you running to the loo all thim. Only need to take 1 per day.
Can give you a dry mouth, but can chew gum to help.
Have you got an MS card? Says on it that you need the loo urgently - or a RADAR key to unlock public disabled toilets . Look on RADAR website- only costs about £5 and can be used all over the country.
Good luck, try and get it sorted, you don’t want it to ruin your holiday.

Jen x

As the others say - go see your GP asap - ll either help himself or bump you to the continence team. You don’t need to suffer like this.
All the best

I meant to type ‘he’ll either’ not ‘ll either’