Today I'm a tree!

Ever feel that sometimes you are the tree and other times the dog!

Had appointment with the consultant. Whoopee I thought as the doctor saw me 20 minutes early and my letter said I had a 1 hour appointment. Went in to discover the consultant had no notes, no referral letter. No problem I said and whipped out my brief list. He latched on to the fact that I had an unsuccessful operation for carpal tunnel in 1987. Dismissed bladder problems with “what do you expect, you have had children”. Yes last one in 1987 and bladder problems recent. Dismissed mobility problems, chiropractors opinion, and has referred me to another hospital for carpal tunnel test. Told me to have another blood test although the vitamin D and B12 were very low last month when GP did it and they would probably be the same as it takes 3 months to show any improvement. Told me to go downstairs and make another appointment. I went downstairs queued and asked for another appointment to be told they would write to me. Why if I am there do they need to write and waste paper, envelope and postage charges. Consultation over in less than 10 minutes. I have waited so long for this appointment, taken time off work and am still no further forward really. Do I return to my GP or wait for the next thrilling instalment with this consultant.


Oh Dinks, When I first read the title I immediately thought of that old advert where the person says “I want to be a tree”. My answer is " I want to be a tomato!" Sorry, got waylaid there. I would go back to GP. Explain what has happened. Maybe see if there is another consultant you can see.

Sharon xx

Thanks Sharon. Why a tomato if you don’t mind me asking!

That was one of the other parts of the advert and it has always stuck in my mind (shame other more relevant things don’t!!). I could never understand why someone wanted to be a tomato either! :slight_smile:

I know the problem. My brain is full of useless bits of information. If only I could retain the stuff that is important and lose the rest. If anybody knows how to do it please share! Talking of adverts I just love the specsavers one with the vet and the hat. It doesn’t matter how many times I have seen it I cannot help laughing. The other clever one is the kitkat advert with the rollerskating pandas. Obviously I have too much time on my hands but often feel the adverts are better than the programmes. Feel more positive today, thanks Sharon will give the GP a call. Got a follow up appointment through post today for September but haven’t heard from the other hospital regarding the tests so probably the appointment for the tests will be after the one to discuss the results!

Am with you on the specsaver ad. Loved the panda one the first time round and now my kids love it too. They seem to be bring back all the old rowntrees ads as they’ve got the fruit pastille one out too. The old ones are the best really ( apart from the specsaver one!). At least you have got an appt through, that’s something. good luck with the GP x