to all n everyone in the building . . .

:wink: Hello everybody! just wanted to say thankx to you I.T. guys for the efforts you been doing so far. I can now just do a random search for MS and the whole site, along with the foums board come up no problem. I can also access the forums and I am remembered by the boards. so no need to log in all the time. for lazy ppl like me this is fab, lol! am looking forward to having the extra bit and bobs working again but know tht it all get sorted in good time. I know I for one wud never be able to fathom all this techno stuff out so am grateful that you guys at IT. have the patience and concentration and knowledge to make things better. Hope you don’t decide to totally take this board away under all of the critiscisms that you have been getting lately. Good luck with it all n ty again for making the effort for all of us. stay well tc Anna x :wink:

Yup, it aint perfect but then what is - keep buggering on team! Clarexxx

How good to hear a positive post at last after all the whingeing going on elsewhere. :lol: I totally agree with you Anna but I guess a lot of people just don’t like or can’t accept change. :!: Keep up the good work admin team. :wink: