Tips for becoming pregnant...

Hi all,

Thought i would ask your advise, i was diagnosed with transverse myelitus 16 months ago, have not been diagnosed with ms as of yet.

I’m pushing on 32 and me and my partner would love to star trying for a baby, completely new to me, not had children yet. Obviously i would like to do this before a potential ms diagnosis because i wouldn’t really like to be stuck in the predicament of starting treatment or having a baby.

Have any of you got any advise on any tips on becoming pregnant, what vitamins or supplements may be beneficial whilst trying to become pregnant or throughout the pregnancy?

Thankyou x

My advice would be to start on folic acid supplements (or a pregnancy multivitamin) and vitamin D3, then to try and enjoy it and not stress too much! This comes from the fact that my hubby and I spent four years trying for our first and had three unsuccessul cycles of IVF before giving up hope of having a family. And guess what? At the point we just started to relax and stopped the “trying”, I fell pregnant naturally!!! Second time around it happened the very first month! (They’re now 5 & 3 years). I feel like such a cliche sometimes! I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post links on here, so sorry if I’m breaking any rules, but check out the Zita West website. She does fab supplements specifically designed for each stage of trying to conceive through to pregnancy and birth, and there’s loads of advice on there. I had a consultation with her one month before my first natural pregnancy, so I truly believe that her diet advice and supplements were the key! Good luck x

Do regular exercise (that could just be walking) and take folic acid. If you are serious, go for Fertility Reflexology. I had my second baby 10 months ago aged 39 and I didn’t struggle to get pregnant either time and despite my age (and weight!).

I learned masses about how to get pregnant after I was pregnant when I read a baby book so I’d recommend buying a book all about pregnancy and reading the early chapters that are about conception - they tell you how to recognise signs that you are fertile! Took more than a year to get pregnant with my first and about 20 minutes with my second! Do make sure to get plenty of vit d when pregnant. Reduce the MS odds! Good luck. Karen x

Reflexology is a good option! Give it a try and see how it works. For more information on reflexology check this site out