Good morning all. I’ve had constant ringing in my both my ears for ten days now, every day it’s getting worse. Not back to docs til Tuesday. I know there isn’t any quick fix or such like, but is there anything I can take/do to lessen the ringing? Of all my symptoms this is starting to become the one which really affecting me mentally at the moment. Thanks

I’ve had tinnitus and menieres disease for nearly 30 years . They pre dated my MS had since 2007. Let’s hope the tinnitus is temporary. I would suggest you GP refers you to an audiologist to get your hearing checked. Sometimes tinnitus goes with the onset of hearing loss. Yes it is perverse. But you learn to ignore it. Hope this doesn’t depress you too much.

Thanks. I’ve had it for 3 weeks now. On Thursday I nearly slipped over, which instantly made my neck go (one of my ongoing symptons) and instantly this raised the volume of the ringing in my left ear by double, and it’s still the same now. I have docs on Tuesday so I will mention this, and also a work medical Wednesday where my hearing will be tested so will be interested in resukts


Hope you get on well with all the check ups next week. Keep cheerful☺