Tinnitus I think!

Hi everyone, I have never had this before (just a little buzzing that I think everyone gets from time to time), and it is awful. It varies from a buzzing, to ringing, and even echoing. This morning I was watching tv and had to turn it off, cos there was a car engine in the background and to me it was a high pitch screech. It is making me dizzy, so much that I keep losing my balance. When I am downstairs I am using my rollator, but when I need the loo, it is upstairs, so then I struggle! I hope that this is just a blip, and I will be OK tomorrow.
Lynne x

Hi Lynne, unusual for tinnitus to get worse so suddenly. Could be something else causing it. Even a lump of wax believe it or not… esp when accompanied by dizziness. Suggest you see GP and get it checked out asap.

Hope it’s something they can get sorted,

Pat x