New symptom

I have a new symptom that has being very annoying . It happens mainly at night as I’m in bed . Swishing noise in my ear . I have not experienced this before and it’s a horrible sensation and distracting .

As anyone else had similar ? If so is there anything that can be done for it ? Can it be a relapse? Or just a daily symptom .

Thank you


I think you may be describing tinnitus, something I’ve had for years.

I suggest you talk to your GP, or get your hearing tested, to find out if that’s what it is.

If it is, there are things that can be done. I wear hearing aids which lessen it considerably, and deal with a mild hearing loss. Also, over time it just seems that I’ve got used to it.

Read about it here at the NHS website…


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Yes, it sounds like tinnitus to me. My left ear drum is perforated and I notice a similar noise when things are really quiet.


Thanks all just find the symptoms quite disturbing and get anxious about them

Hi It may be worth seeing your GP as it could be an ear infection. Or you could phone 111 NHS number.

It may be the sound of pulsating blood flow in the ear. I remember as a very small child 3-4 being able to hear a rythmic flow when my ear was on a pillow. Apparently there are some conditions that can increase turbulence in the flow and make it louder.

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