Tingling Remedies - Help Please

Hi all,

Please can anyone help me with remedies/treatment for pins & needles and tingling.

I have had these sensations for over 2 years now, I have been discharged from the neuro as there is no evidence on my MRI of MS…but I still have the tingling!

I have the tingling in my legs and feet all the time and am quite used to it now. Some days are worse than others, but lately it has been a lot worse than normal and almost unbearable. It is mainly now in the tips of my big toes. I have been using various Lidocaine creams but they do not work, or not for long. My best ‘find’ is wrapping elastic bands round my toes - but I dont think that is a good long term solution!! It is worse when I sit down or lie in bed. I can not bear anything touching my toe nails and would gladly pull them out if it wouldnt hurt!!

Any help and ideas would be gratefully received.

Thank you xx

Hi Elsie,

there are quite a few conditions that can give tingling and numbness, MS being just one. You didn’t mention what other tests had been done, but hopefully you had others rather than just an MRI.

On the symptom front try to think about what is triggering your tingling. Are you reacting to heat, for example? Personally, I only ever take showers now, because heat and humidity are a big trigger for me. Some people find that food can also have an effect on them. For me, cutting out dairy and gluten has significantly reduced the tingling and numbness. It hasn’t solved the problems, but I can deal with it more easily now.

Everyone is different and different conditions can have different triggers. It is frustrating not to know what’s causing it, but until the neuro is able to pick up something visible, they can’t diagnose.

Good luck


Hello Elsie

Just had a quick look at your profile. Am I right in thinking that you last had a brain scan one year ago? It may be worth asking your gp for a second opinion to a specialist MS centre.

Good luck x

Something I’ve picked up since being on these forums is that low B12 can cause symptoms like tingling and numbness. Have you had your vitamin levels checked? Your GP should be able to test you - it’s a blood test - and it’s worth checking. I agree with Blossom, it’s also worth asking for a second opinion.

The bad news is, I have permanent tingling in my right arm and I am not aware of anything that can relieve it. I’ve learned to live with it. If anyone knows of anything that might help, please say!

Hi All,

Thanks for your replies.

No quick fix then!!

I had a vitamin B12 test when I first went to the GP and I have been taking over the counter B12 vitamins…just in case. I have had 2 MRIs of each - brain, neck and spine (nhs and private), neuro exam and blood tests. All clear so no longer under neuro just GP.

I am trying to just ‘get on with it’ and only intend to see the GP again if there is any significant change as I feel have run out of sympathy with these symptoms. I can cope most days, its just worse at the moment.

I am thinking of trying relexology but it is very expensive and I assume I would need to go regularly for it to work. Has anyone tried reflexology?

Thanks all xx

Hi Elsie,

as I understand it you have symptoms in both feet/legs and from what you’ve said your neuro hasn’t checked the nerves in the feet themselves (with EMG). Just because there’s nothing going on in the brain or spinal cord doesn’t mean that you can’t have problems that are centred on the peripheral nerves. Small fibre neuropathy (which attacks the small sensory nerves), for example, can give you mainly sensory symptoms (tingling, numbness, pain) and tends to start in the feet or hands and then progress closer to the body. But even with an EMG, it can be difficult to identify on the bog-standard equipment that neuros generally use. If you are experiencing a lot of pain, then you might consider discussing how you address that with your doctor.

Take care

Astro x

Wow - Astro, I have just looked up small fibre neuropathy and most of the symptoms fit - including dry eyes!

There is not a lot of information out there but I have printed off some information from official sites to take to the GP. I have a scan in a couple of weeks for another problem so I should be going back for the results so I will raise it then.

I assume the GP will not be able to refer me direct for that sort of testing and I don’t suppose she will willingly refer me back to the neuro…but who knows.

Which raises the question - why didn’t he think of something like this?

I will let you know if anything comes of it

Thanks again Astro. xx

I tried reflexology about eight years ago. At first I found it very relaxing and I loved it though I didn’t notice any difference with MS symptoms. On about my third visit I noticed my legs becoming very jumpy and sensitive. I did another couple of sessions then couldn’t stand it any more. I stopped going because it became too uncomfortable had I persevered it may have improved I just wasn’t prepared to take that chance.