Tingling in arms / hands - MS or not

Hello. I have been diagnosed with RRMS and wondered about a strange issue with my hands. In both hands I can run my finger lightly down my inner forearm, thumb side, and it is kind of numb and tingly at the same time. It can give me tingly hands too. It is both arms the same. Could this be MS? I thought Ms tingles were more out of the blue? What could it be? Any suggestions as it is a bizzare feeling. Thanks guys.

Hi Dexter, I think the tingling is probably down to MS.

Tingles, pins and needles,numb areas, all point to MS as typical symptoms., due to nerve interruption.


Hi Dexter

They all count as part of the ‘pain’ spectrum. Have a look at https://www.mstrust.org.uk/a-z/pain It explains all about the different types of pain and gives some helpful words to enable you to describe the sensations. Neuropathic pain is so odd, often it’s not exactly pain, just weird feelings.

So yes, I’m in agreement (as usual) with Boudica, it sounds like MS to me too. If it starts to get worse, or feels properly painful, you could run it past your MS nurse (assuming you have one).