Time of work

I am now at week 8 of work it started as MS but then other things, i am worried about this as i have been told RH want a full explanation on what has been going on and how the MS is going

Does anyone have any advise on this

Have you given them any doctors certificates? you can ask to speak to occupational health rather than HR directly and in theory they can help you and suggest reasonable adjustments. Is it a large organisation that you work for?

Tattybear, I do not really understand your message. Do I understand correctly that you have been on sick leave for 8 weeks? 'RH' is the boss/ supervisor/ person at personnel? What kind of work are you doing? The fact that you are saying that 'they want a full explanation' tells me that you are put under pressure, which might be understandable from their point of view (how much do they know?).

First of all, call in some help (friends, union, colleagues?) to assist you/ be a wittness. Or let us know on here what's going on. For your information, I have been put out of work myself as 'they' wanted to get rid of me (it was a carer's job so I do understand to a certain extent).They succeeded in the end as they just sucked the energy out of me (as I also have to deal with exceptional family circumstances at home).

Give us some more info, I'll jump in the car if I have to (if this is a relevant option) as I still have a bad taste from what happened to me!

Stay put, do not let them get you down, but also try to look at it from their point of view.... Maybe they do not have enough information (or maybe too much?). Take care, 'we' are here to help.