Sick timr of work

I have been of work now for 8 weeks it started with a MS relapse treated with IV steroids, i was just starting to get over that and then i had a small op that had complications along with the MS relapse, i then had to go to the docs today hoping that they would sign me of to go back to work but no that was not to be as my partner had just come down with chicken pox, so they have done a blood test on me to see if i am amune or not

So i phoned my boss and he did not seem very happy with this and said that HR are going tio write to me to get my permission for them to contact my docs to find out what is going on even though they have had sicknotes covering this time

Has anyone got any advice on this as it seems they are putting preasure on me


You don't mention whether work already know you have MS.  Do they?

Even if they do, it's not unreasonable they should be kept in the picture about the latest position.

They need this to be fair to you, and to make sure they comply with the law, as well as for their own purposes.

So as you have nothing to hide, just give permission for them to contact your doctor.  It's probably an automatic procedure, that gets triggered whenever anybody has been off more than a certain length of time.  So don't read too much into it.  They have to apply the same rules to everyone.

Presumably your doctor will verify everything you've already told work, so there shouldn't be a problem - for the moment, at least.

If you continue to be off work indefinitely, then at some point there will have to be a discussion about whether it will ever be feasible for you to return.

But that shouldn't be an issue after just eight weeks, especially if the problem is a relapse, from which recovery is likely.

Just go along with all of it, and tell them everything they need to know.  If you're seen as helpful, and trying to cooperate with them to find the best solution, they're less likely to get impatient with you.