Return to work

I have now just returned to work after been of sick, i was seen today by HR and she says i have to see a appointed OC HEALTH of there choice and also i have to give them permission to get my medical info from my doc MS Nurse and consultant, I did try to explain that for the last 3 weeks i was of with post op complications but they are adament that it is all do do with the MS as if i did not have this i would not have been of for so long, but it is stuff that everyone else gets away with i am confused theyv say they need to do it for my best but dont they know the stress they cause with the worry so lets see what they have to say i suppose.

But what does get to me is the ones that are of work and self certing themselves left right and centre, i always make a point of getting a doctors sicknote even if i am of for a week as i cant belive some people think i use it as a excuse to have time of its a joke

Hi again,

They have a duty of care towards you - more especially because you have MS - so it’s not a question of “getting away with” or “not getting away with”.

They genuinely do need to know the full picture, so they are not open to allegations they failed to protect you at work. This is not a disciplinary matter, so you shouldn’t look on it as such.

Just provide them with everything they need to know.

As you feel they have certain “misconceptions” about your illness, letting them see the medical records should actually help with that. It should make clear that you have post-operative complications unconnected with MS.


Hi, I think Tina sums it up nicely, go along with what they want and work with them. As for the ones that are off work, self certing, right, left and centre, doesn’t your work have a policy for this kind of thing. I work for a ftse 100 company which does. For the moment try not to worry and go along with them, also if you need any help at work tell them.o Cheryl:)