tight band

Hi everyone

Does anyone get a tight band round there ankles. Ive been getting this symptom now for 6 months and just wondered if this was another symptom.Ive heard of the band round the chest/stomach area.It feels like my skin on my ankle is pulling tight,dousnt hurt much but it is dam uncomfortable…Feels like my ankle will give way but it dousnt.



Hi Kim,

Haven’t had the band around the ankle but have certainly had it around my left knee. At first, the area felt numb, I didn’t have normal feeling in it from mid thigh to just below the knee. As time went on it got more band like and not so much painful as uncomfortable. I was then not able to move it correctly. I had other sensory symptoms at the time and it was put down to a relapse. I was given IV steroids and it began to get better. Needed physio and about 3 months though until it got back to normal. Hope yours sorts itself out soon.


Hi Kim, haven’t had it around my ankle, but I do get it around my chest, and around my right thigh, when it’s around my thigh it burns like hell, very sore, take care, Jean x

Hi Kim, I have had it around my left ankle, it was like wearing a cement leg warmer. Both my ankles are very wobbly anyway and I too, have had it around my left knee and thigh. Take care,Jo.

hi kim

yes i’ve had this for a few weeks now and my ankles also feel stiff as thou i cant bend them…im still going throu the motions at the moment as i’ve only just been diagnosed , but it drives me mad !!!

sue x

Hi Kim I’m suffering with this too, I feel like I’ve got loads of tight elastic bands around my ankles, so know exactly how you feel xx