Tight band feeling


I have been having a sensation of a tight band around my calf for the past 3 weeks, no pain, weakness or numbness. When I google this symptom it often leads to MS. Is this symptom alone cause for concern regarding MS, the doctor was a bit vague when I asked this question. Having bloods/scan done to rule things out.

Thanks in advance.

Google and forums are the worst places to get medical advice. If you have a concern about your health you should contact a health Professional. The best advice is to wait for the results of the tests you are already having. Best wishes, Anthony

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Such a vast range of symptoms arising from many sorts of possible causes could in theory also arise from MS because it can damage the functioning of so many body systems. Unfortunately, this creates a very high likelihood that someone googling their symptoms will find a number of theirs being linked to possible MS simply for this reason. Nevertheless they might assume far too much over the efficiency and capability of the search technology in respect to this disease and that their search has carefully filtered out MS as a high probability cause of their symptoms, whereas the probability based merely on the search might never have indicated more than a remote possibility. A battery of tests are needed for diagnosis.

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Practically any symptom you Google will lead you to MS!

Your GP would be vague if you asked if it sounds like MS, only a Neuro could answer you, & then only after loads of tests he’d require you to have done…doctor Google is no friend of yours, much better to report the symptoms to your GP & let him take you to the next step…


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As you will see it could be a derivative of the ‘MS Hug’. If this is your only symptom I would suggest you try and ignore; it should go before long.

Good luck


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