legs feel tight

Hi not dx yet, but looking for advice . My legs feel both really tight and weak at the same time . Also seems to be affecting my balance as well. Come to think about it my arms feel the same as my legs while typing this ! Hope you can help Pete

Hi Pete I’m really sorry I can’t help but am interested to see what advice you get as I’ve had tight/painful calf muscles for a couple of weeks now and over the counter painkillers aren’t helping Hope you get some help/dx soon Best wishes

Hi, I’m new to the forum and in fact this is my first post, after reading this post! I felt compelled to register and comment. Peter: As I now understand, diagnosis is complex as is the MS. So it wouldn’t be wise to guess or assume see your GP and talk to them about your concern and why? Traitsy: I too suffer tight calf muscles & Achilles (my MS consultant) told me that this wasn’t MS??? I have has physiotherapy but he couldn’t find the cause or help and referred me to acupuncture this worked straight away! So I do recommend it if you can get it… I have since read that acupuncture is widely used for MS patients.

Though I must add acupuncture isn’t a cure… but it can relieve symptoms in some conditions. I limped into the clinic and walked out 20 minutes later… Had 6 sessions in total over fortnightly intervals… 3 months before symptoms of tightness returned.

Tight muscles can be spasticity which is a common problem in MS. The normal first line med is baclofen, a muscle relaxant, but you do have to be careful as it can make weak muscles weaker (and cause falls if you take too much). A sensation of tightness is not the same though. If your muscles ARE tight, then seeing a neurophysio might help - your GP can refer you. The neurophysio can help with balance too. Karen x

I suffer with tightness in my legs and also have balance issues - the neurophysio gave me some exercises for strength and balance as well as a set of stretches to do when I am feeling stiff, they are all easy to do and can be done at home once you have got the hang of them

I’m in the position where I think my neuro thinks there’s nothing wrong with me. I am having an MRI soon hopefully.

I am suffering from the same thing. If I am diagnosed with a functional neurological problem (which I understand means that these things are happening but they don’t understand the cause?) am I still entitiled to see a neurophysio?

Em x