Thundrstorms and symptoms

Hi just posted one like this but it vanished so sorry if it appears twice. So here i go again.

I love a good storm, but last night in the lead up to an electrical storm and all night through/after it my whole body felt charged, like i was holding on to an electric fence or fingrs in a plug socket (i have done both in mytime!) my legs, feet, hands arms spine so basically all of me were so alive and tingly, to the extent i was nearly crying in pain. I have mainly sensory symptoms from MS but this was the worse it has ever been, and today feel rather fragile (and a bit nervous of doing anything incase i bring i on again.) it was unbearable and not sre how i could cope again!!

Has any one else noticed a conection between storms and symptoms? or was it just a coincidence? or am i just wired wrongly?