Afternoon all. isnt this sunshine lovely!

Well I heard the thud of heavy post coming through the letterbox this morning.

I was in the middle of getting dressed at the time. So my carer dashed off to see. I asked if it was a brown envelope. She said yes, but not for me. There were 2 white envelopes as well.

Hubby opened his and it was about his forthcoming state pension in August.

An hour later, i decided to look at my junk mail…only to see ATOS on the back!

The sneaky chuffs…using white envelopes, which look like junk mail.

Is this some sort of weird scam to let some applicants not check their mail properly and bin the ESA papers, i wonder? That way some folk will be written off as not having claimed their benefit…hmmm?

So i am wading my way through the questions now…in draft form…not sending it off just yet.

I see there are several good news posts, from folk who have got into the support group with no medical or interview. I just hope I am as well.

luv Pollx

well poll who if you’re not a support group case i dont who the chuff is!!!

don’t get too stressed about it. believe that it will come back as good news!

carole xxxxxxxxxxx

I`ll try.

Ta chuck.

luv Pollx