Through floor lift

In 2009 I was awarded a Disabled facilities grant by Wellingborough council to have my house adapted including fitting a through floor lift. Part of the award was for a 5 year extended warranty for said lift. Since this warranty expired I have been expected to find the funds myself to repair it. However, I am still on a low income and wheelchair bound. surely there must be some ongoing support as I have had to apply for charitable funding to fix it twice. Does anyone have any suggestions Thanks Sheila Lloyd

Hi Sheila, oh this isnt good at at all. There has to be someone who can help via charitable funds.

Have you tried the MSS?

Other than that, I would ask the council for ideas for charities to apply to.

luv Pollx

Going to contact the grants team on Monday when they’re back in. Really there should be some form of insurance or rolling warranty as I can’t afford to get trapped like this as I live on my own and need access both the floors in my house.