Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing ok, and the weather isn’t affecting you too much. I’ve been taking Pregablin for the past 7 week’s, over this time I’ve increased my dose very slowly, and now take 100mg 3 x a day, I hadn’t been doing to bad with the side effects, bit more tired, thick head, however I hadn’t noticed that much difference in the pain, ie still getting as much, all be it not quite as bad, anyway for the past few days I’ve had thoughts of harming myself, as bad as taking my own life, now anyone that knows me would tell you that I’m normally a very positive person, always look on the bright side, as much as anyone can with MS, and generally a very happy person, now these thoughts have just really started since I’ve taken a higher dose, I’m forgetting things, mood swings, and I just wondered if anyone else taking Pregabalin has had these feelings, I think, I will come off this, however what else is available, I did take Gabepentin before this, you’re thoughts would be apprieciated, ANON X


I’m so sorry that you are feeling like this so big hug x

I did take Gapepentin but is had horrific side affects with me ! So I’m on Pregablin but I am not any near to the doseage that your are on !! Yes I do have that thick head feeling & it allmost feels like I 'm blancing a paving slab on my head (that is the best way I can describe that) Yeep my mood swings are pretty rubbish & my memory is well pants :frowning:

Have you called your MS nurse !

Hope that helps.

Debbie x

Hi Anon, drop the dose down and call for GP appointment asap. If they say they can’t give you an immediate appointment, tell them you’ve had thoughts of harming yourself.

Remember that it is the medication giving you these thoughts and the thoughts are not ‘real’… but you need to see a GP and get the dose dropped or change the med’s.

Pat x

LAMOTRIGINE is another epilepsy drug,CARBAMAZAPINE is out there,DICLONEFAC is a heavyweight anti-inflammatory,and DULOXETINE is an anti-depressant.Don’t forget ‘old faithful’,AMYTRIPTILINE(?)


Hi Anon I have just read the side effects of Pregabalin on wiki and it does include suicidal thoughts as one of the rarer ones. If I were you I would contact my GP or MS nurse and get some immediate advice. Hope you sort it out, Teresa xx

Thank you so much, for you’re replies, yes I’ve made that call, I’m going to see my GP, Anon x