Morning everyone, hope you’re all doing ok, I just wondered, I’ve just started taking Pregabalin, after taking Gabepentin for 6yrs, well I made the mistake at looking at the side effects, anyway my question is this, with all these meds the side effects are as long as you’re arm, and some of them are just the same as we can all get with this condition, so how do you know if it’s MS or the side effects, by the way I’m doing really well on Pregabalin, no real effects apart for a thick head, take care, Jean x

side effect lists with drugs, freak me out, apart from “may cause unwanted erections” - there no such thing as a “unwanted erection”

Hi jean, had to smile at Redman`s answer!

But maybe it would be an idea to keep a diary of how you are on the new drug. Good to hear you`re ok…apart from the thick head.

if your head doesnt clear, then maybe talk to Audrey Owen about it, eh?

Let`s hope it helps the main problem.

luv Pollx

Thanks for you’re replies, love the one from you redman, laughed out loud, take care, Jean

Jean most drugs side effects mimic neurological conditions. In fact people who take them for other reasons end up with pins and needles, flashing lights and numb bits because the pills are honing in on the receptors in the brain.

I think to tell the difference between the pills and ms symptoms - anything new which wasnt there before taking them which persists and is troublesome may be pills but still needs checking out.

I dont read side effects for that reason, theyre frightening. Id take them and see if you feel any better, after all their supposed to subdue some of our symptoms. Its a case of trial and error.

Good question though, I tried coming off all mine then found I needed them for pain, spasms, acid, and digestion problems, so I figured out their effect was better than not taking them.

take care,



Morning Bren, now that’s a really good answer, and makes perfect sense, I’m doing ok on the Pregabalin, things that are there where there before, but much worse, that’s the reason I came away from the Gabepentin, thanks again, and have a good day.

Jean x x