This will make you smile!

Thanks Pam - it has got a bit easier. I think that happens the more I use a wheelie but I am resigned to becoming anonymous. People no longer see you as a person but as an appendage to a chair, don’t they? Teresa xx

Hi Nina

No it’s Stroud, but it has parking and quite a nice store.

Pam x

Hi Teresa

Yes, people can ignore you and only see the chair. Years ago when my hubby

and I were out for the day and went in for a coffee, I got fed up with people asking

him if I took sugar, and one day found my courage and replied "would your taxi

driver know if you took sugar", but now I just take it.

One advantage to being in a chair is that all the “chuggers” totally ignore you, so

you never get stopped and asked to sign up for anything!!

Take care and enjoy your freedom by using a chair when you want to.

Pam x

Hi, I have to admit that I am still getting used to wheelchair… although I don’t use it that often.

I suppose I’m so used to the scooter where I make the decisions… stop and look in this shop window… cross the road now… etc… that in wheelchair (manual) those choices are taken away from you and it makes me feel a bit like a child… or ‘disempowered’ as they say nowadays.

Also I never really notice people’s attitude on scooter… in fact quite a few people smile or make a funny comment… “give us a lift” or something… but in wheelchair I’m aware that either people ignore you completely or give you a sweet, sympathetic smile.

I rarely feel like an ‘invalid’ but I do feel that to an extent in the wheelchair… so it is taking me longer to get used to it than I expected.

It is useful for when I go outside of local area… but if I am ever a full-time wheelie I will definately get a powerchair.

Pat x

Hi Pat

If you do, and I sincerely hope you don’t, have to rely on a chair,

then definitely powerchair is the way forward, giving you freedom.

But let’s not think about that now, you enjoy your scooter.

Pam x

I am glad I read this Pam as I am waiting for a powered wheelchair and all informattion is filed away in my leaky storage area of what serves as a brain. I am pleased you got it sorted, it is scary not being in control and needing someone else to rescue you but it is something we who suffer PPMS have got used to.

Hi Hoppity,

Enjoy your freedom and independence when you get your powerchair, and

honestly this was the first time in years that I had any sort of problem.

Have wheels…will travel is my motto.

Pam x