This site

I have tried in vain to answer the question, where has the heart gone?

So decided to write my own post.

The people who designed this site obviously still have brains, they do not appreciate that some of us do not and struggle with constant pain, lack of concentration, memory problems.

I’m not saying it’s all down to MS as I am constantly told I am of an age…I much prefered the old site as it helped me to remember what I’d written about and who I written to and I was able to contact people without sending them private messages and then forgetting I’d done it, get the picture? It is not longer helping and supporting me as it was.



Hi Wendy.

Don’t worry, you are not on your own, we are not the ones at fault.

The fault is with computer geeks, who think they have more knowledge than they really do.

I know, as I was made redundant from a very successful blue chip company, that put their faith in the (IT) department, who successfully brought the company to its knees within a short period of time.

Remember if someone says to you that they are in computer software or IT, it means they work in the bluff and bulls**t department. You can look down on them, but never look up to them.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

I know its going to be a bad day when I get out of bed and miss the floor, today is such a day.

Hi Wendy,

I’ve been having some trouble the last couple of days I replied to a few posts but my reply just never appeared on the board and I replyed again and still nothing but today the replys appeared It showed I replyed to the post twice and I did cause it wouldn’t show that I had the first time and a day later it came throught I thought I was going mad and my mind was going and mybe I only dreamt I replied.

Mark x

I disagee, I prefer this site to the old one. Its much more appealing, attractive and I find it easier to use.

Hi Wendy, you are not the only one that feels like you do,i am getting a bit more used to it, but i dont like it at all,but then again i hate change because its never for the best.

jaki xx

I miss my buddies list, my PM messages and I miss not being able to see the postings I have made or that someone else has made by going to the profile page. I think it was very bad not to have warned us that PMs and buddy lists would be lost … Or did they warn us? I never seem to get email alerts either when someone responds to my post. I have to tick a box don’t I when writing the post. No , I don’t mind the general layout but points mentioned above really niggle. Roger

Hi, I used to come on this site every day when it was the old one now i dont at all apart form now to see whats happening …i used the asperger forum now asmy son was dx couple of months ago this site now has anything appealing to it lost my buddies so well done MS Society for getting it all wrong what a waste of money…linda

Hi everyone - I’ve posted an annoucement this morning about what we’re currently working on and some options for the next developments. Would be good to get your thoughts on that… please post on the annoucement thread rather than on here so I’ve got everything in one place…



This is what all forums on the net are like now, I know it takes a while to get used to things when they change but it does com. As a newcomer I found the old site impossible to understand, I didn’t understand all the nested comments and it wasn’t intuative at all. I use lots of forums online and this is the same. I do appreciate the sense of community may have gone as some of the previous posters don;t come here as often, but it will grow.

Hi Wendy.

As you will see from the replys you have got it is split down the middle, i think some like the new site, some liked the old site.

But we cant change it back so we have to live with it.

Not sure of the age group on this site but would guess from 15 to 60[mods do you know].That is a big age diffrence and we are all in the same boat.

So how can we accomidate every one, a few simple guide lines would help i think be as polite as you can,as my grandchildren say good manners cost nothing.

We do not agree all the time but we should at least respect the other persons point of view.

For me a big help would be a small profile,nothing to big, but sex and age would help.[not in a bad way but it helps if you know what era they grow up in]

Remember these are just small things that could help.I hope so.

Take Care All.


I was feeling frustrated with it all last week but I understand they are trying to improve it. I get fed up with people moaning (including me) but sometimes you just gotta vent. I’m better this week and do appreciate that people are trying to help us. I will persevere with it, as my Neuro told me I should do with self catheterising and I’m doing ok with that now.

Take care all you MSs.



I miss the bubbles :frowning: the old site was so much better, this new site is harder to use. I don’t come on here as often as I use to.

Hopefully in time it will improve