This is like home

I’ve not been on this forum for some months now, but decided to have a look in today. So glad I did. I love the new layout and would just like to say well done to everyone who has been involved in sprucing up the forums. Actually, the way it is now reminds me of how it was several years ago, but maybe I’m imagining that. My memory is not too good.

Have had a really bad time over the last two years and have deteriorated quite badly, so am looking forward to trawling through all the posts and see what’s been going on.

Hope everyone is keeping ok, and not getting too affected by the heat.

My love to all

Dawn x


Hey Dawn… welcome back! Lovely to see you again.

Sorr you’ve been having a rough time but looking forward to seeing you around the boards again.

Val (still here and still moderating) x

hi dawn

i know what you mean by memory not being so good.

sorry to hear that you are having a rough time.

its so nice now that the heat has eased off a little.

maybe we’ll sleep better.

carole x

Dawn - Good Day to you. Yes, l think the new format will suit everyone once they have got over the initial ‘shock’. lt looks bright and welcoming - so Home Sweet Home to you all.

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