can we all embrace :0)

Ive been reading through the posts about this new site and i feel very sad that some people are feeling so negative about it, I understand its a big change for us all but there was no choice about having to update it as the old site was too old fashioned. Please please cant we have some patience and support the web team, i dont know what i would have done at times without this site it has helped me no end, i dont post very often but i do follow regulaly. wishing everyone good wishes and happiness :slight_smile: sparkly x

Hi, well said, I have been a bit rude about the new site too but as from this week I am going to be patient and support it. Thing is we were being upgraded to a new computer system at work last week and there were quite a few problems, couldn’t log on, access my files. But the very pleasant it guy helped me out, I didnt get annoyed with him, he wa trying to help me. The work system is different to what it was before but I will get used to it. I ’ m going to try to be the same with this from now on. Cheryl:)

Same thoughts at the same time!!! Jo

Rapunzel wrote:

Or is it hear, hear?

Rapunzel wrote:

Or is it hear, hear?

Pardon :lol: I like the layout and if you need to quantify who starts the post, put your name to it as quite a few seem to be doing. Have a good weekend folks willie

Hello all, Hmmm I have been saying this in a lot of my post. I hated this new web site a few days ago. But i,m no PC buff at all and i,m enjoying finding lots of new bits and bobs. It is far better once you start to embrase OUR new webb site. The webb team are doing all there best for us. Lets get behind them and be positive. They must be feeling so urined off with all this negativity. Love to all “Domestic Goddess” :wink:

Well said sparkly ! I actually love the new format. it’s crisp and clean, and so easy to use. Willie, and others if you click on " view new posts" you will see who the original poster is. Keep smiling guys.x

Agreed. Change is always difficult but we need this website to help us throught the difficult times - and the funny ones. Thank you to all the webteam and all the people whocontribute to the forums - without all of us we would all struggle. Jen x

[size=150]I’m up for supporting the improvements,less bickering and snidey :roll: comebacks and the occasional group hug! :smiley: :smiley: I may often be confused :? but then I get the :idea: moment Clarexxx[/size]