Think it's MS - long post!

Hi all,

First of all it’s great to see such a supportive forum - have lurked for a while and just wanted to share, as there’s some really good advice on here and it’s difficult trying to stay positive…

I’ve got my first neuro appointment coming up (waiting for date - not sure when). I went to an osteopath who talked about motor neurones and scared me a lot - the GP has reassured me it isn’t MND and told me that he’s investigating MS. Apparently my reflexes are too quick and I think my toes bend the wrong way when they do the Babinsky test. My vitamin D levels came up very low about a year ago.

So I’ve been following advice from here and think I’ve collated my symptoms from the last few years together - will try and make them brief - so I can take them to the neurologist.

?2010 - jabbing pains in intercostal (chest) muscles, regularly on exertion; constipation and faecal incontinence twice; persistent UTIs and urinary incontinence (have been advised I’m not emptying my bladder completely); fatigue (fell asleep at work a couple of times)

?2012-2013 - very bad, jabbing mid-back pain (both sides) on waking - goes after walking around a bit; some weeks every day, others none.

July - Sept 2013 - incontinent again; neck pain when lying down and unable to get rid of it; one occasion of cloudy vision; altered sensation (almost like having a ‘dead arm’ or leg) started in lower right stomach area, over days/weeks spread up to right breast and down to right ankle; also in left knee area. Now, it has lessened, but remains on the front of my chest (both sides) down to my waist, and in both knees, making kneeling down very strange.

Current - after sitting/lying for more than ~10mins I have no pain but walk hunched over for a bit, as though the muscles in the front of my thighs need stretching out; foggy head and slight ringing in ears (have had for a long time and thought nothing of it); still bladder/bowel stuff but no horrible accidents for a while touch wood; fatigue; random shooting pains in arms/fingers/wrists.

I wish I’d noted down all the symptoms as they happened, as my memory’s not great, but I don’t like focussing on this sort of thing and just thought it was minor things, all unrelated. I’d been too embarrassed to mention the incontinence to my GP - thought it was IBS or just eating the wrong thing. Also, I smoke, and am really struggling to give up, as I’ve read that it makes it worse. I thought all this would be enough to make me stop but obviously not. Luckily I have a really supportive partner and we’re both going to plan stopping over the next few weeks.

Sorry that’s long but I feel a bit better just having written it down. It’s been really helpful reading other people’s symptoms on here too and seeing the feedback they get - thanks!

Hi Blue!

Just wanted to say hello! Lot’s of signs & symptoms there I can relate to believe me!!

If they haven’t done already be prepared for lots of blood tests and Mri x Great your GP is ruling things out!

As for the smoking - good luck with giving up! xxxjenxxx