Things that make you go Ahh!

Hello all,

I decided to start this thread - although not yet diagnosed its not gonna take Sherlock Holmes to work out I have MS - when was your first Ahh! moment?

Let me explain…

I was happy (sIc) with this illness up until I went bowling with my family.

In the last few weeks I have put up with not driving (hopefully this can be remedied by a full diagnosis), being ‘stick -man’ everywhere I go - and having my wife and children shout their new catchphrase - ’ Where’s your stick dad?’ losing my LHS mobility, my taste and my self control - I now ‘Say what I See’ and don’t hold back when cross - is this MS? - who cares!

BUT - I went ten pin bowling yesterday and I thought I would still be able to do it (using my stick as a fancy prop) but inevitably my usual 150+ score illuded me.

This was my first ‘AHH! moment’ when I realised that things were never be the same again?

I was not sure whether to post this or not - it sounds a bit glib and I imagined the responses might be along the lines of,

…when I couldn’t hold my first grandchild

… when I couldn’t walk my children to school

…when I couldn’t cut my wedding cake

… when I couldn’t say the eulogy at my grandfathers funeral

etc. so me not bowling properly (barely scraped 80) pales into insignificance.


I’m sure it was a simple task/event that brought it home to you lot too?

Answers please

Dr. Arkham

(I’m not a real doctor BTW so no symptoms or medical issues please)

hello Dr Arkham

i had always gone to the pub with my husband and friends.

he tends to lead people astray!

my ahh moment came when i felt very drunk after just one pint!

so i told myself that pints aren’t ladylike and switched to gin and tonic.

then a great big, fat ahh when i went outside and planted my face on the pavement.

it’s horrible when the ahh moments occur.

seem to get a new one every week.

i’d much prefer an ahh moment when i meet a new kitten, more of an awww moment.

now i have a gin just before bed so that if i fall it will be a softer landing!

Switching from pints of lager to pints of gin was never really going to work, Carole.

Before I got my diagnosis I was carrying two plates of full English breakfast from the kitchen to the dining room and my foot dropped. I landed on my nose, broke a plate and my spectacles, and my wife laughed like a drain for ten minutes.

I had the last laugh though; my wife had to cook two more breakfasts.


(I only put that last bit in to make me feel better. It didn’t work.)

steady on anthony i never drank pints of gin at least not in the pub. in my old house which had a garden, i’d sit outside if it was sunny, with a very large gin, (in a pint glass). it was funny what you wrote about the full englishes though!!

My aargh moment came about 5 years after being told ‘it’s not MS’ (after having all the tests to make the doctors think it ‘might’ be MS). It happened when I had done a bit more research following many relapses, during the last, I couldn’t walk properly due to the ‘hug’. Suddenly it came to me. It only took me 5 years and about 3 episodes of ON, terrible spasms from time to time, several unexpected falls - over nothing - and never being able to feel my feet again, to figure it out. When a new neuro asked me ‘what do you think is wrong?’ (very gently, and kindly) I answered ‘I think it’s MS’. He said ‘so do I’.


If they only asked you first they’d have saved a lot of time and trouble.

I’m glad you think so.

You should meet my wife, I think you’d get on very well together.

Good question.

Early on, when my walking was a little stilted but still (I thought) OK, I ventured onto a badminton court for a bit of fun with some girl friends and promptly fell over. I had not realised how badly my balance and agility had been scuppered. I laughed as I retired from the field, but in truth it didn’t feel very funny.


Dear Dr (i know you’re not a real one but helps to pretend!) Several Aaah moments . …stepping out confidently along street, leg gives way, terrible pain, fall over and people look the other way, i so embarrassed i get up, stumble on, limp on, pins needles start next day waist down, i ring grumpy gp, tells me its anxiety, aaah, see another gp week later ktells me its water infection, aargh,two a and e trips and 6 Drs later I’m admitted to neuro ward where my journey with TM and now possibly Ms starts…aaargh. Got keep sense of humour, expect you are a better doctor than most I’ve seen this yr! This weeks aaargh moment, weeding the front garden. Was ok when got down on lawn, but not when tried get up! Just couldn’t push up with legs, power outage! Sat there in the sun, thinking maybe that oap with his stick passing by could give me a hand, but too embarrassed to ask! Got power back in the end, won’t be doing that again aaah. Thanks for the post, helps share aaah moments. Jules

Thanks everyone - hey guess what? I have MS (no drum roll needed) So now i’m a passenger on the good ship MS Welcome aboard I hear you cry. Dr A

Sorry to hear this, Dr A. Even when a person can see the way the wind is blowing, it is human nature to hope for a last-minute change in the weather. Welcome aboard anyway.


Yes, welcome aboard. I’m sure I didn’t actually book this particular cruise ship. I thought I was going on a luxurious trip around the Caribbean. But you are right, most of my fellow passengers are good people. And I think we’ll continue to share a few glasses of gin (or whatever is your particular tipple) and some laughs on the trip.


one of my question yesterday to the real Dr was,

can I still drink beer?

When the Dr said, ‘yes in moderation’ you could have heard my ‘Wahoo!’ where ever you may live on this island.

Dr A

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Sorry to hear about your forced abduction onto the good ship. From what I’ve seen, shipmates hearty and ready with the rum. I may be joining you all shortly when this interminable limbo ends,feels like waiting to walk the plank!!. All the best to you, glad beer still allowed and sense of humour still intact. Jules

And let’s face it, some of our number don’t understand the meaning of ‘moderation’. Mentioning no names, but we have established that the is such a thing as a ‘pub double’, which is of course smaller than a ‘home double’. But that is smaller than a ‘DC double’!!

I personally am an official ‘cheap date’, therefore am not permitted the DC double. Unless Mr Sssues elbow gets ‘accidentally’ nudged when pouring my officially sanctioned home double (gin that is).



i make it my mission to laugh like a drain at lest ONCE every day.

So far I’m on 100%

Is that because you’re bonkers or just find enough things that funny?


Obviously I just asked that question with an avatar that looks like Aduckin Sane!

Thus my sanity could be extremely questionable.

Could we settle on “no question about it”?

I have some friends, and a brother, with the same sense of humour.

plus I’m bonkers

Dr A