new diagnosis old memories!

hi everybody

i’ve just been diagnosed 2 months ago. was not too much of a shock because my mother (r.i.p) had multiple sclerosis and i cared for her when i was a kid, so i was aware of the symptoms but wasnt really expecting this. my mother was a strong lady. doctor told me i may have had the symtoms 20 years. i’m now 40. and i just thought it was from falling off my bike. broken bones seem to tell your brain that!! havent had any medicatin yet. early days i guess!! havent been walking too well. have crutches but still falling over! vision bad…just wondering if anybody has any ideas (diet e.t.c)

thanks for listening xxx

hello electric wizard.

we share a similar story; i’m a 41 year old who ‘had’ a mother with this frightful illness and i’ve recently been given the news that my Dear Old Ma is not to be the last one of my family to wear the MS badge.

I had always taken comfort from MS not being hereditary and figured that i would be safe, baring some exceptionally bad luck. Well there you go!

Unlike my mum however, my symptoms are currently quite mild. However, what with there being no way of knowing what symptoms are just around the corner and the eventuial severity of them, my greatest battle is to find some drops of optimism in an ocean of uncertainty.

Without knowing much about what causes the ‘bad’, it seems tough to suggest ideas to help ensure the ‘good’; but the old lessons remain the best in my opinion - stay as active mentally and physically as possible, eat high quality healthy foods / drinks and just try to stay chipper!

hello paolo smythe

thanks so much for the reply… feeling happy now!!!

yes it does seem we have a very similar story. i too took comfort in ms not being hereditary… but now have learned it can be genetic! been having most problems recently with hospitals the district i live in and getting nurses e.t.c.

but had some good news today so hopefully in the near future i will get some meds… because i really dont fancy having an attack? and falling over again in a carpark! been mainly staying in the house…have a friend, whos been helping me out so much… cant get out of the house on my own too well so its nice to have a helping hand.anyway i’ll stop rambling on! onwards and upwards for me now…

nice to chat… hope to stay in touch