Okay I’m new and my girlfriend loves theme parks, so today we go and I didn’t expect any I’ll affects.

Ride 1 I was fine, ride 2 dizzy as hell and sick. But I’ve never been keen and had nausea from spinning anyway. Ride 3 was made for kids really and pretty straight forward. Now ride 4 I have never felt anything like this. Nausea ridiculous, I think everything went black for a second, headache, sick while ride in motion, ride stops more sickness. Day is pretty much ruined now I feel horrible dizzy dripping in sweat no balance trying to walk like I’m drunk. climb into disabled wc to be sick and just restbite and clean up to come out to people being bitchy about being in there…

Basically just asking is this Ms related or have I had a complete random.

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Hi Trevor
Welcome to the party!

Simplest answer is that MS can act like an amplifier, so whatever you had before as a weakness or susceptibility, it gets worse with MS. I’d put balance into that category. And then there’s the new stuff which is all MS, which can also be balance related but also stress/ duress type situations and general deconditioning.

Sorry, not a very fun answer…

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I cant even watch moving things on the screen, like gifs that flash back and forward. no chance of going on a ride. lol.

this can trigger vertigo so you could simply have had a vertigo attack. keep off theme parks IMHO.

I take it you have MS?

MS, most likely. Challenges like extreme heat or strenuous exercise or theme park rides can tell us the bad news on what it’s been up to. I’ve had similar rude awakenings.

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I argee with those above and say it’s likely MS. MS can amplify things. Walking like drunk = me as I tire. May seem semi reasonable at first be as I progress it goes from normal, tipsy, drunk to absolutely hammered.

I’d add rides like that to my avoid list as MS appears to ruining that for you.

As for those commenting when you left the disabled toilets you can either ignore them or defend yourself. I usually ignore them but there have been times where I put I’ve alerted anyone in the area to their ignorant and inconsiderate comments. Somethingh along the lines of not every disabled person has a stick, crutches, wheelchair or any other observeable aid. Something like “I have a Chronic Autoimmune & Neurological Disabling Condition. Specifically Multiple Sclerosis, MS, and that means I AM disabled!” At which point I turn my back and often wave goodbye using to fingers over my shoulder.

Ok that may not be the best approach but it depends on the day and exactly how they behaved as to how I behave. Karma

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I think it will depend on where your damage is. If it is something that impacts your balance, theme park rides are likely to have a greater impact than they did. I have always been prone to sea sickness, but I think it has become worse.
MS is different for each of us.
Also being in crowded places if you are less used to this after COVID may assault your senses.

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Amusement parks and rides always affect me so much, so I prefer just a Ferris wheel.

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