Ug - Vertigo

Woke up feeling very very drunk. The world is spinning but Im going to try go to our local ms chat as I love meeting other msers. Should create some laughs if I can stay upright.

How does vertigo affect you. Feel like Ive been to a funfair overnight and this morning the world is spinning.

Wish me luck,



i get it and i just feel when walking im not on the ground and feel very very sick

Hi Bren my vertigo leaves me being unable to function much at all,i am lucky if i can get out of bed,when its really bad,

other times i can function and feel like you,like i have just got off a merrygo round,but it doesnt stop me in my tracks,just feel very dizzy.

Hi Bren,

The worst bout of vertigo i had i would explain it was like being on the waltzer at the fair - but they wouldn’t let me off the ride!!

It was horrendous! I applaud you for going anywhere.

I lay in bed and the room was spinning - even struggled to the bathroom. Had it really bad for a week then slowly improved.

I was sick as well. Given Stemitil but did nothing for me so ended up on steroids!

loads of ((hugs)) coming your way.

Teresa. xxx

I’m suffering badly with it atm Bren. Keep overbalancing and feel like the only thing that helps it is to have a sleep. I’m constantly lurching all over the place like I’m on board a ship. Know how you feel. Teresa xx

Thank you for your lovely messages. I managed to get to my ms meet up and loved it, just had to remember it was worse when I moved around. Isnt it odd, we forget all about our ms sometimes then the vertigo lets us know its doing its stuff and now my right leg has joined in!

It may be cheaper than having a drink but I think Id rather have a stiff one and sleep it off. Here’s hoping its gone by the time I wake up tomorrow.

Take care all,