The West Wing

I’ve been telling my friends the news this past week after the diagnosis and two of them responded with “We’ve seen this on the West Wing!”. I know this may sound strange but it was sort of an ideal response. I don’t mind discussing it with people but they seemed to know quite a lot about it from the tv show. Has anyone else had something similar to this when discussing it with friends?

Commiserations on joining our club.Your friends know their TV as it’s 10-12 years since the best TV programme ever was gracing the air waves.The underlying story was the President’s MS and the non-disclosure.Technically it wasn’t a bad explanation of MS symptoms and some treatments.With the 154 episodes to choose from it wouldn’t be easy to pinpoint the ‘MS heavy’ ones, but I think it was series two through four(do you like the Americanism?) that there was MS in some of the plot lines.


I’ve never seen the west wing but talking to them two who have about everything seemed a lot easier. I’m sure there’ll be people who know nothing of it, that’ll be the interesting talks :confused:

The West Wing does still stand up to the test of time, and even if it’s no longer top of my list of best series, it’s definitely still near the top. For anyone who’s not seen it, don’t watch it expecting a programme all about a person having MS though. Rather, it’s a programme in which one of the characters happens to have MS; apart from a few episodes, his illness isn’t the central story. When it did come up, there were some things about the portrayal of it that didn’t ring true, like his use of beta interferon. That may be just a difference between here and the US though, and overall I thought it did a pretty good job.


hi, sorry about your diagnosis (dx), but welcome. yes it’s sometimes helpful for people to have seen things about ms on tv. but it depends on how it’s represented. i just checked that i hadn’t imagined seeing a stupid bit of misinformation on a tv show, but i didn’t. on ‘eli stone’ the episode ‘the humanitarian’ a billionaire is helping to develop a strain of marijuana to (get this!) cure his sons MS…?! er, no. i’ve seen another show, god knows what it was, but some doctor was talking about the terrible, inevitable death, DEATH that a character was going to suffer as she had MS, WHAT! i saw this in the middle of the night immediately after i was told that i MIGHT have MS. so yeah, it is a bit hit and miss.

i’ve been meaning to finally watch the west wing, it was one of those things that if you miss the start of you regret it. hmm, netflix maybe?

take care,

wendy x

yes have watched it thoroughly enjoyed it , he has RRMS but as said it only comes up in about four episodes.