the wahls Protocol

Hi has anyone heard of this? hubby sent it via a colleague , it might be one of these quack cures that keep popping up.


its not a cure but does seem to help some people, but personally I just think it helps because people are treating themselves better with what they eat. can be hard to stick to the diet tho, seems really restrictive

When you are on the main EL page (showing a title list of the current EL threads, including this one), you will see the white search box above that list. Type in ‘Wahls’ and it will bring up all the many threads that there have been on this subject.

The people you would expect to like it, like it, and the people you would expect to not like it, don’t like it: I think that is a fair summary.



had a look Alison yes your right works for some and not for others and sorry I think it is too severe for me but thanks for the reply

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you could check out swank too.

i thought it too severe for me but you give it a try and hey… 4 months later and no regrets. i don’t even miss cheese!

keeping the need for a wheelchair at bay can be onehelluva motivator.

Big thing about Terry Wahls (that sets her apart from all the “I can cure your [insert disease here], just buy my book and find out how” people is that she publishes in respected scientific journals.

Do remember that the Wahls Protocol is not just about diet. Electro-stimulation for the muscles, meditation, etc, but you should really do the whole package. It may or may not work for you - but MS is different for each and every one of us.
I have a cousin in Australia with a daughter with MS. She has just attended a “retreat” that has, to me, all the hallmarks of quackery, and she found it beneficial. If it works, don’t knock it.


But how do you know it works? MS is so unpredictable - how can you tell if your improvement is due to diet or just the vagaries of the disease?

I have had bad experiences with diets that ‘cure’ MS in the past, including a pretty bad experience with the Wahls protocol.

And, of course, the problem is that you just plain don’t know if any treatment will work.
It matters little whether it looks like quackery, or serious science.

LDN has no true scientific support - but a lot of people report that it works for them.
Fampyra has the scientific support - but only about 10-11% of the people who try it get any real benefit (and some have a bad experience with it).

In the end,I think that anything that promises to cure all known ailments and (for example) teach you origami on the way is more likely to be a big con, So you hit the Internet and look for good/bad reports. Diets are a particular problem, because only a serious large-scale trial is going to be any use in making up ones mind - and that is not going to happen. What I have found is that what appears to be a serious well thought out diet with certain supplements can really be supported (at some distance) by a manufacturer or distributor of those same supplements.

Perhaps being cynical can pay off …


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You haven’t met anyone cynical , till you have met my hubby, so was a bit surprised when he sent me it, but I think he has seen me in so much pain that his cynical has gone awal . I have tried going on the MS drugs for pain and yet again they have sent my body into free fall. I have PPMS , So i’m giving myself an early Christmas gift and stopping it, the only one with some help is LDN, but it isn’t a miracle cure. My physio who has a sister with MS said these medicines are not for all. Also spoke about restrictions regarding the diet , she said your diet at the moment is fine, afraid that there is no cure or explanation regarding MS so some things may work and some won’t and agree with you regarding big companies being at the back of things.

For me, the Swank diet offered some optimism due to it being ongoing since many decades ago.

The fact that www sites regarding it have items for sale is no big surprise; tell me of any www entity that hasn’t the chance to spend cash. (This one has a big purple ‘donate’ button at the top of every page.)

Swank does not hold up to truly scientific scrutiny, in that for example, those on it knew they were on it. Also aware of this, were those taking the data and drawing up the results. ie. anything but blind.

But ultimately what stood out most for me is that despite the strictness (due to my not being allowed to eat many things that i love,) its guidelines are simple high quality common sense.

A Swank tag-line for me is “having MS is above all a call to live life to its best and fullest.”

A free resource:

Hi, I’m on the swanks diet and know its for me, if I go back to my diet before I feel so ill, it is hard to stick to but I feel its worth it.

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