The Vatican

Hi all!!

Would love some advice on the Vatican- I am going to Rome with a friend in a few weeks and I’m very excited!

I am informed that with a blue badge as documentation for entry and queue skip is fine, but unfortunately with the delay in derby, I’m still waiting on mine to be renewed. My MS is mostly invisible so will doctors letters and the MS society cards be enough?

Any advice would be appreciated- thank you!!! Xx

If your badge doesn’t come through in time take two hiking poles (with rubber ferrules to protect the floors, or you won’t be popular) and use them to offer some visual validation of the documentation you do have. Some doctor’s letter in a foreign language might do the trick, but it might not, and good luck explaining invisible disability unless your Italian is a lot better than mine (not difficult, admittedly). The security people need all the help you can give them in order to help you as much as they are able.

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It’s a few years back now, but when flying to holiday destinations I got letters from my Neurologist to explain that the needles I carried with me were because I had to self inject etc, etc.

I’ve no idea about the Vatican but a letter from your Dr, MS Nurse and/or Neurologist might help?

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