the story so far

I originally posted about self harming. My daughter hasn’t self harmed since I found out. Early days but I think she has done really well so far. She didn’t want me to involve anyone but I assured her that her family love her just the way she is and that won’t change. My partner spent easter weekend with us and on the sunday night went to see his mum (she hates me for being divorced and still thinks that her son should find a young single virgin without ms which is gods punishment for me being a tart!) my partner isn’t the father of my daughter. We had been together for 3 yrs and his mum has never spoken to me or my daughter. Anyway my partner has left us. Hates causing his mum so much pain. Worried about my daughter, haven’t told her yet. She liked him a lot. He took her to violin lessons which she loves and without him I can’t get her there. Rural location. No public transport, I can no longer drive and then there’s the cost. He really spoilt us both. Took us to disneyland. Took us flying and really was the best. He was great through my process of diagnosis. I can’t blame him. I seem to be no fun and tired with an extra couple of stone. I’d leave me if I could. But not my girl. So worried.

Hi Anon, sorry to hear your relationship broke up. But really if he thinks so much about his mother’s opinion of you, was he really worth it?

Any man worth his salt would have told his mother where to go… so perhaps you are better off without him.

You say that your daughter liked him a lot, but if she was self-harming it doesn’t sound as if she was at all happy… quite the opposite.

Put you focus on daughter… it’s she who really needs you. True you can’t get out and about with her but you can be there for her to help her through this difficult time in her life.

Also, maybe there’s something you can do about your housing. Living in rural location without a car and with no public transport frankly sounds like hell.

Are you home owner or private renting or social housing? There are ways that you could perhaps move to a town? This would surely be a bit boost for both you and your daughter.

Let the man go. He isn’t worth it. Think about yourself and your daughter and how you can improve life for both of you. Now is the time to make those changes!

Good luck,

Pat x