The signs are there

We all have a barometer.

In the old days, a sense of relief was accompanied by a vibrant red rash.

Sometimes, it was just falling asleep.

Now I know when I’ve overdone it. My right hand and arm go all mental.

I’m trying to build a new home but I need a break. There is no point in battling on. Let’s have four days of complete rest.

With any luck, I can extend it to five.


Take the week off Steve & get some R&R. I’ve just been outdoors, to have a good hose down & told in a rant of madness, there’s a hose pipe ban. I replied, don’t believe everything on the TV. As the lynch mob built up, I went to have a shower, indoors. Out of site, out of mind. Terry the water rebel. When we need respite, have it! There’s no medals for martyrs.

Hi Steve

It is frustrating when you want to do things and your body says NO but as I have found out in the past, it’s best to listen and take as much rest as you can.

Just the job of moving house is exhausting and stressful, the perfect combination for Ms to rear it’s ugly head, let alone trying to organise at the new house. It will still be there tomorrow Steve, so wait until you feel up to getting on with it, or if friends visit…delegate.

If will all be ok in the end Steve I am sure. Take care.

Pam x