It's a sign

Hello from a dull Crowborough.

I don’t know about you but I’m not very good at recognising the signs which tell us to stop and sit or lie down. Then once recognising the signs, I am equally stubborn when it comes to obeying them.

The signs this morning:

Boil the kettle, put the tea bag in the cup; wait three minutes. Take the milk out of the fridge then get another tea bag out of the tin and put it in the cup alongside the water and the original tea bag.

When disposing of the tea bag, throw the spoon in the bin as well.

Return the milk to the freezer and sit there wondering why there’s no room.

Best wishes.

Ditto Steve,

The longer I have this wretched disease the worse I get at heeding the signs and the more I try to push/work through it!!

I first met my present neurologist in 2002 and one of the very first things he said to me was you cannot fight MS because it will simply fight you back…15 years and I still haven’t learnt!

Hope it’s sunny in Crowborough today? It’s glorious in Hereforshire!

Take Care,

Nina x

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