The shows must go on...

War of the worlds from 11 on Friday, looking forward to this never been able to get accessible tickets! See you on youtube.

Hope you enjoy it Maude.

I enjoyed the remake of Rebecca on Netflix last night.

Never read the book but film version is really good.


I love War of the Worlds. I’ve listened to the original Richard Burton narrated recording so many times. Thanks for highlighting this Maude. I will definitely be watching it.


Weird! I watched War of the Worlds live on YouTube two or three years ago I suggested it to some of you at the time. Here’s what’s weird, I can’t find it now. I know for a fact me and the thing watched it one Sunday afternoon but now it’s just disappeared.

Probably a rights issue. Happens to me quite often, you know you’ve seen something, and just can’t find it again!