The perks of being in a wheelchair

Ive just got back from Glasgow, i had a wonderful time seeing my family. Isabelle my youngest an i went on Friday and came back on Sunday night…just a flying visit and as usual it was magical , i love seeing my boys and their relatives i stayed at my sons Mother in laws, we get on so well. The Perk was on my way home …as usual we booked wheelchair assistance, the virgin train staff are always lovely but this time the toilet was broken , i couldn’t walk to another, i was so worried that i would have to suffer or worse still wet myself anyway the staff were amazing we were upgraded to first class, in fact they stopped the train and took myself Isabelle and Frazer to the first class where we were given tea and coffee and sandwiches and water and a big fuss for Frazer.

Michelle and Frazer xx


Glad you had a wonderful time Shelly and the staff on the train were good. However, I bet that if he was asked, Frazer will tell you that the 1st Class treatment was for him!

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But did you get to avail yourself of a first class loo?

So pleased you had a great time!


Hello Michelle.

Like you, I’m becoming a Virgin veteran but I’ve never been upgraded. Even in economy however, I’m never charged for my cuppa. It’s a good service.


O think your right Boblatina, people always feel sorry for Frazer he looks at them with his big brown sad eyes and they melt. He’s definitely given me the edge. It’s the second time we’ve been upgraded , last time was an an old steam train to Carlisle when he got trodden on and cried really loudly. Michelle and Frazer xx

Defiantly Poll, more than once, 3 and a half hours is too long to wait for the loo . Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Steve , I always think of you on these trips, I want to copy your adventurous spirit. Having Frazer gets me a lot of attention and it definitely helps if I need extra support. Michelle and Frazer xx

It’s so glad to hear that you and Frazer were treated so well - well done Virgin

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Good to hear you were so well looked after!

Sonia x


i am jealous reading these thru! i tend to travel on TP-no choice-where the wheelchair space is in carriage b beside the loo!

i must investigate possible travel on virgin!


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I’m glad to hear you were so well looked after, nothing more than you deserve - and as for being upgraded when someone stood on Frazer - I should think so too!

Jo x

Thanks Magic moon it’s nice to have a good story to tell so many things are hard for disabled people it’s great when they get it right. Michelle and Frazer xx

Thanks Sonia

I really recommend Virgin trains I’ve always like going on the train but sometimes have felt let down it took a lot of courage to do it in the early days when I’d first started using a wheelchair. I was worried that I’d get stuck at first, the doorways never seemed wide enough and once I was left behind because the train was too full, that was with arriva Wales, but usually the guards are helpful and will do everything they can to make it a good experience. Its better now I’ve got Frazer my Golden retriever assistance dog I always feel calmer with him by my side. Michelle and Frazer xx

Thanks Jo, Having Frazer is the biggest perk. Michelle x