The path to diagnosis... or maybe not

Firstly, Hi everyone… my names im Alan :slight_smile:

And sorry, this may be a long one… But i could really use some help, advice or understanding… i am so lost as to what is going on.

For nearly 2 years i have been suffering with the list of symptoms below, they seem to have a base line, dulled down, but still there, and then all of a sudden (due to heat, stress or somthing else) they get alot worse.

Shaking & Jolts:

Shaking has been with me for a few years, now getting worse. Also body zaps (like I’ve been electrocuted). Head and neck have started to shake at times.

Numbness, Pins & Needles:

Top of both hands spreading in to right arm, left thigh & Foot, Centre Back, Chest & Sides (becoming more often) scalp (becoming more often). The ones in my chest and side feel like a numb hug (being squeezed)? This last week I have felt the lower right side of my face going numb,

Stiffness & Swelling:

Legs and arms feel stiffer, (this happens a lot in my knees) also some days I wake up and can’t move (lasts about 10 – 20 minutes). I have also started to have instances where my arm and leg muscles feel swollen, like they are about to burst. Also wrist movement feels very mechanical.


Spine (feels like something is swollen inside, feels warm where sore), thighs and wrists


Feel so tired I can hardly move, feels like my body is a heavy weight. Can sleep for days… sometimes its sudden where I just feel like I can’t go on… also is made worse by heat. This isn’t just being tired its feels consuming.

Eye sight:

I have started to get instances of double vision, also eyes are hurting more sharp pains

Memory and learning:

Memory is becoming a big issue, can be told something and forget it almost instantly, it takes me a lot longer to pick up new skills, I’m struggling with knowledge of things that I have been learning for years. I can walk in to rooms and building and forget why I am there or what is going on. When talking I forget what I am talking about, not being able to recall the words to get a sentence out.


These depressive states seem to come more and more, not able to think straight or control my thoughts… thought process seems scrambled (not suicidal). I can have instances of being very happy and content and then instantly sad.

Balance & Walking:

I am stumbling more, I have tripped a few times recently, bumping in to things as going off balance. Feels like I have a funny walk at times… feeling like I am drunk (legs feel like jelly)


Slurring words and sometimes difficulty talking (getting my words to come out) at times of server symptoms my voice shakes


I have less control now, going more frequently and can sometimes come on very sudden.


Crazy, all of a sudden on my legs, feet, back and arms… last from a few seconds to minutes.

I have been to see my GP who advised that this look like MS, but they sent me to a Neurologist to get a better idea… which is where i have been today.

When i arrived at the Hospital i found that they where only aware of my shaking (or tremmor as they put it) they had no information on anything else. So i proceeded to explain everything that has been happening, what my GP has said and the advice of have received from other people who are diagnosed with MS. once i had finished he started to laugh and passed everything off as being atributed to Caffine and stress.

I did protest, and thankfully my best friend (who came with me) started to protest as well, so he went through the general assesment, balance, feeling cooridination… although he did it in such a way as he really didnt care, he stuck a needle in me and the points where i couldnt really feal it just said that eveyone has a natural right/left sesnitivity thing, where one side is more sensative than the other??? what the hell! he jabs me with a needle and i cant feel it and that normal?

Anyway, after some protesting he has agreed to send me for a full MRI on my back and head. which is the result i was looking for.

But he has done this in such a way that i now feel like im wrong for wanting to get this looked at. Im not a stupid person, i have done my research, i have spoken with people who have already bee diagnosed… i know im right, or did.

So really, im asking what do you all think, am i right? if so have i gone about this the correct way, what else can i do to get this resolved.

I more confused than ever now and i thought today would be the first step in getting this under control.



Oh forgot to mention

Hickups and cramps are on the list too

That old Neurologists’ Charm School does churn out some fine specimens!

Don’t worry about what happened. You’ve got your MRI referral. Bear in mind that neurologists spend a fair bit of their day telling people who think they might have MS that they don’t have MS, and that does tend to be their starting default position. Don’t take it personally: I am certain that his approach was a shot at reassuring you, not undermining you. The shot has fallen wide of the mark, but never mind. You haven’t done anything wrong. Just try to put it all behind you and look forward. I hope that the MRI takes you closer to some answers.


Thank you Alison

I know, its just frustartating to hear when every i say somthing is wrong.

But thank you for your advice, i will deffinatly bear it in mind for the future :slight_smile:

Hi Alan,

This will explain some of the weird feelings; tests; results of what you have been through today

Nobody except a Neurologist can diagnose you; your MRI is the most important thing but even this can show nothing. When you go purchase a copy of their images; about £10.

The NHS is without question the best in the world but the inefficiency astounds me. If they lose their copy (it does happen a lot) you can always have proof.


Hi G

Thanks for the link, im just about to read through now :slight_smile:

I didnt know you could buy the scans… thats very cool, i will make sure i ask. and its always nice to have a backup :wink: