The most stressful holiday ever :0(

Came back from spain on tuesday after a ten day family holiday. There were nine of us. I spent a couple of weeks stressing before the holiday (hubby self employed so I organise everything). I even cleaned the house so I wouldnt have to do it when we got back and made sure I had made something to eat to go in the freezer for when we got back rather than getting a takeaway. The first two or three days were fine. And then the bickering started. My Dad. I am so disappointed. He was quibbling about a few euros here and a few euros there and how we should be paying more because we had three kids with us. It was agreed back in February when I booked it that we would split the cost three ways equally between my lot, Dad & Mum and my brother and his gf. He said he didnt think that it was fair. Any shopping bills would be heavily weighted in our direction which is fair enough because we eat more and all of the restaurant bills were paid by each seperate group. I thought that was the fairest way of doing it. All of the kids are at school and it wasnt a package deal, it was a self catering villa so I organised the flights and the transfers too. Hubby was furious that my Dad was causing so much fuss. He never even bought the kids an ice cream. No one helped me and hubby with the cooking (which we did 3 times for 9 people) I was in tears more than once (but not in front of him). To be honest, I couldnt wait to leave them at the airport and now I’m home, I have had terrible fatigue and my legs are so stiff and sore I just dont know what to do. I wanted to relax on holiday but instead we (me & hubby) had a really sh** time. I have RRMS so how long do I leave it before speaking to the ms nurse? had steroids in March and have been using copaxone since diagnosis in nov 08.

Hi littleLady Your holiday may not have been as enjoyable as it should have been. I suggest a weekend away hubby & you and get your bro + gf to babysit, then your dad can’t gripe about the cost of the kids. But I always thought grandparents did it for love, we let them be grandparents, they should play the game Take it easy Mike

Print off a copy of your post, and keep it somewhere safe. Take it out and read it when, next year, you are tempted to say yes to the suggestion that you all go on another lovely holiday. That should do the trick. Sorry you had a miserable holiday. Alison x

Sounds very stressful to me, and no holiday at all for you. What a shame. MS symptoms -mine anyway -tend to get worse after a stressful event, although you think you’ve “coped” at the time. Hope you feel better soon. x

What a recipie for disaster,going 3 ways, when u have 3 children, it would never work, why did your dad agree to do that anyway ? he should have said no in the first place, he quite clearly resented that he was having to pay for 5 of you,he would have been better saying no in the first place,that way there wouldnt have been any resentment,because that looks to me what spoilt the holiday,i never go away with anyone else,only my partner, i have heard too many stories like yours,next time stick to you and your husband and children,you can do what you want, when you want, and not have to answer to others, surly thats what holidays are for.

Nice idea but it’s not going to happen. We are in Scotland. Everyone else is in London. Hubby is self employed and works seven days a week. Hubbys mum is in her 80s. Brother and GF far too busy going out at the weekends to be remotely interested in babysitting.

There’s always next year.

Thanks for the replies anyways xx

Hi Well if you are in Scotland pick a quiet beach “weather permitting” have a picknick and watch kids play & sommat to eat. Sommat different- u av fun, kids do- sorted. N tell hubby u need 1/2 dat- day. Work ain’t everything. I have been a slave to the ££££. Take care Mike x