Holiday payback..

I had a lovely holiday in Spain last week, and I did over do things! I had one day where I couldn’t go out, but the other 6 I pushed myself to… (much to my husbands annoyance, he kept telling me to rest)

I only came back on Sunday, I knew I’d be tired this week, but each day since I’ve been back, my body is getting heavier and heavier and the fatigue is getting stronger.

I’m still in bed, I havent been able to get up today, my son has been looking after me with food and drinks and brought my laptop up.

Is it normal to get worse as the days go on? I need to take this 10 ton lead suit off!!!


That’s how mine has been going too x

at least you had a good holiday so relax, rest and remember all the nice new memories.

carole x

I can sympathise. I’ve been overdoing it and now I’m paying. Hope you’re back up and about soon. Take it easy x